Queen’s Mill is an historic flour mill but mass production of flour on the site stopped in 2011.  In 2015 a team of Castleford Heritage Trust volunteers restarted milling – adapting the system and grinding stones to be able to produce flour on a smaller scale

The work included:

  • The installation of a new extractor fan; including building and soundproofing a new room to house it.
  • Installing a door on the hopper so wheat can be fed to the grinding stones.
  • Disconnecting the storage silos and converting the collection process to a bagging system.
  • Making the milling process more visible to visitors – a perspex cover was fitted so the finished flour can be seen as it goes to be bagged and a video was created of the Milling process.
  • Installation of a new switchgear by JC Electrical Services so flour production could begin.

In addition to the practical work, the volunteer team were involved in:

  • Branding and packaging the flour – ‘Yorkshire Stoneground Wholemeal Flour’ is now available to buy at Queen’s Mill

  • Creating a Cookbook – ‘Castleford Born and Bread: Recipes from Queen’s Mill is also available to buy at Queen’s Mill

  • Mill Tours are often run at Queen’s Mill with demonstrations of the Milling process. Please see Activities and Events for any upcoming dates.

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