In 2009, Castleford Heritage Trust partnered with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Arts Council in the commission of ‘The Observatory’ by Carlos Garaicoa.

Carlos Garaicoa, a Cuban artist of international prominence, created designs and models for a building called The Observatory, to be built over the Roman Bath House site, enabling the footprint of the Bath House to be visible.

The designs for the building also included a library of 100 books related to the history of the town, and an observatory tower in which to view the surrounding landscape.

Whilst a real-life ‘observatory’ for the Castleford Roman Bath House site has not been possible to date, this project  highlights one of Castleford Heritage Trust’s long-term ambitions; safely enabling community access to the Castleford Roman Bath House historical site. It offers an interesting vision of how this could be achieved.

Photo Credit: Carlos Garaicoa’s Castleford Plan (

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An architectural design of a building. A black curved building with a glass dome is adjacent to a red tower building. This was a prospective design for a building to showcase the Castleford Roman Bathhouse Remains