The ‘Castleford Together Project’ is our biggest community activity project to date at Castleford Heritage Trust.

Funded by the National Lottery, and running until September 2025, the ‘Castleford Together’ project is about: connecting people, increasing personal and community wellbeing in the town, supporting the development of new and existing skills and supporting local people to feel confident to take their next steps forwards.

We know that there are many strengths within our community and a real passion for positive change in the area – this project aims to shine a light on what the people of Castleford can do as well as offer new local opportunities.

Across a three-year timespan the Castleford Together project offers:

  • 18 Community Event Days
  • 12 Community Exhibitions
  • 3 Group Projects
  • 6 Teen Voice Projects
  • 33 Children & Intergenerational School Holiday Activities
  • 18 SEND activity sessions
  • 18 Children in Care activity sessions
  • 300+ Activity sessions for age 60+ delivered at Queen’s Mill and across local independent living schemes
  • 180 Adult Arts/Craft activity sessions
  • 180 ‘Community Request’ activity sessions
  • 15 Community Walks
  • 30 Community Talks
  • Regular Community group activity sessions
  • Outreach work within the community.

The Castleford Together project also offers many ways for local people to be involved in shaping, planning and delivering community activities. There are two main ways to get involved:

  1. Volunteer with Castleford Heritage Trust
  2. Take part in our regular Queen’s Mill Community Forum

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For upcoming activity sessions and events visit our Activity section.

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