The CAS Project, funded by the National Lottery Know Your Neighbourhood fund, is all about making connections across the community and pride of place in Castleford

We are encouraging people to think about questions such as:

  • What is the identity of Castleford?
  • What is important about the town and its people?
  • What connects us?

We have commissioned four artists to deliver 200 hours of community workshops and collaboratively produce artwork and creative community responses on life in our town.

Introducing our artists:

In 2025, the Trust’s 25th Anniversary year, a community exhibition at Queen’s Mill will bring all of this work together and celebrate life in Castleford.

The CAS project offers lots of opportunities for community involvement and community creativity. Please contact us to find out more.

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Decorative images referring to local landmarks - pottery buildings and a river. Accompanying text reads The Cas Project, Free Artist Workshops, Explore your views on life in Castleford Learn new creative skills from local artists Be part of a town-wide conversation and community exhibition