Between 2017-2018 ​​Castleford Heritage Trust took part in the NHS Vanguard Programme ‘Community Anchors in Care Homes’.

We connected with tenants at Springfield Independent Living Scheme, a WDH-run sheltered housing complex in Castleford, and ran a wide range of social activity sessions including: local history sessions, reminiscence, games, quizzes, crafting, art, pottery and boccia bowling.

A highlight of this project, for everyone involved, was a boat trip out on the River Aire, supported by Safe Anchor Trust.

​Our activity sessions aimed to be person-centred; revolving around our participants and their interests.

​Our work on this project showed how encouragement and openness could grow a project in ways that were unexpected but impactful. Also, how listening to the community is always the best way of providing community support.

Whilst this project officially ended in June 2018, we have taken learning from this project forwards and continue to work with local independent living schemes in this way.

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The comfortable community Room at Springfield Independent Living Scheme where Castleford Heritage Trust delivered outreach community activities. The room has lots of pastel colours with soft furnishings.