In 2005, Castleford Heritage Trust delivered ‘The Castleford Heritage Trails’ project.

We commissioned artist Harry Malkin and writer Ian Clayton to collect reminiscences from the community, to conduct local research and to creatively share and celebrate Castleford’s local history.

  • A series of community artworks were created as part of this project and these can be found across the town.
  • A book, the ‘Castleford Heritage Trails’, was produced.  The book guides the reader around Castleford, tells local history stories, walks in the footsteps of various historical and celebrated figures and celebrates the town’s history and natural landscapes

The Castleford Heritage Trails book is still available to purchase from Queen’s Mill or Queen’s Mill Crafts.

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Photograph of The Castleford Heritage Trails book. A spiral bound book with a red cover and historical photographs of famous people. The text reads The Castleford Heritage Trails in the Footsteps of...