In 2017-2018 Castleford Heritage Trust worked with arts organisation ArtRole and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to bring an art exhibition ‘Art by Email’ to Queen’s Mill

Art by Email showcased artwork from a range of artists from the Middle East and Northern Africa, each artwork had been sent to the UK by Email, hence the exhibition title.

The artworks were displayed alongside local artwork and local artefacts.

The exhibition looked at how, even though we are geographically apart, there is much that connects us with the people and places of this region and visitors were challenged to find and make these connections.

Art by Email featured a interactive artwork, based on the artistic practice of artist Azar Othman, in which visitors reflected upon life in Castleford and added messages to be viewed by other visitors.

A short video of the exhibition:

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A black and white still of a video featuring Egyptian-born artist Mai Al Shazly hitting and kicking a punching bag. From the art installation Undercurrents projected on the wall at Queen's Mill.