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The Castleford Trails

... This book captures pieces of this, (Castleford's), history and presents them as a colourful mosaic.  It invites people to explore their own history by walking the streets and paths of the town and lift up their eyes and look around.
Nicholas Pevsner said sarcastically of Castleford 'What can one say about Castleford?'.  He was wrong.  Read this book and realise why.   Castleford's heritage is more than its buildings; it is stories, it is people, it is pride in who we are together as a community.

Alison Drake MBE,  Chair,  Castleford Heritage Trust

The Trails Book

Have you ever thought about walking in the footsteps of those who trod Beancroft Road, Carlton Street, and Lock Lane before you?
How are the Emperors Hadrian and Constantine of Rome and Dom Pedro of Brazil, Stan Laurel, 'Pan Annie', Larry Grayson, Pinky and Perky, 'Camphor Ball' Bill, Henry Moore, Michelle Dotrice, Buffalo Bill, 'Bruss' Atkinson, Mighty Joe Young, Big Bill Broonzy, Prince Monolulu, George Formby and Eric Bloodaxe connected to Castleford?
The answers to these questions and a plethora of equally intriguing facts can be found in;
The Castleford Heritage Trails - In the footsteps of...

By using this unique book you will be able to follow their trail and discover more about the streets of Castleford's past and map out the roads it will be taking in the future.
Copies are available from the Café, the shop and by post, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope and a cheque for £10.

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